Czech Ukulele Festival

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Honoka & Azita

Internet sensations and ‘ukulele phenoms, Honoka & Azita are taking the world by storm with their dynamic and energetic performances. These social media superstars have amassed millions of views and have a growing fan base across the globe.    read more...

Andy Eastwood

Back again, Andy will give us his expected fireworks in the Formby style, a master of the ukulele banjo, try counting his fingers when he plays. A great player, a great performer and a prettty good guy, welcome back.    read more...

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Les Poupées Gonflées

Amusing, amazing, elegant and polka dotty. These three French chanters equipped with accordion, ukulele and Ubass will swing the festival in their own graceful way, welcome back ladies.    read more...

Elisabeth Pfeiffer

Elisabeth Pfeiffer is a solo ukulele player with a strong background in classical guitar. A regular at every ukulele festival, she is on the bill at the Czech festival for the first time.    read more...


Elke & the Cool Girls

Four ladies, four ukuleles and a lot of fun - Elke & The Cool Girls are a band from Berlin who captivate through beautiful voices. They sing and play whatever they like: a cappella songs in fifties style, disco hits from the seventies, rock, reggae and pop from various decades.    read more...


Zee Avi

Zee Avi, a huge talent in a petite frame bringing a universal message from the birthplace of Borneo, an ancient island east of Malaysia which remains an untouched, natural paradise, an apt description of her songs.    read more...


League of Ukulele Gentlemen

The League of Ukulele Gentlemen are an exciting and dynamic Ukulele trio who strive to show how versatile the instrument is in all genres of music. Highly recommended, this is their first visit to the festival, welcome.    read more...

Ukulele Troublemakers

The Ukulele Troublemakers are a Czech rarity with an enormous party time and entertaining repertoire. They will be appearing at the festival for the third time and will show once more that they can play just about anything on the uke with a lot of energy.    read more...

Tricity Vogue

Tricity Vogue presents her own blend of slink and sass - the music she likes to call "cheeky jazz". Think Peggy Lee after a few too many cocktails. Charming, offbeat musical cabaret from a vintage songstress with a repertoire of surprising tunes and a colourful history of romantic misadventure.    read more...

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Elis Mraz

Elis is a newcomer on the Czech scene,but already has a good reputation winning the "Discovery of the year" award at the Czech Slavik awards in 2014. This will be her first ukulele event and she will be a great addition to our genre.    read more...

Czech Republic

Bad Mouse Orchestra

The Bad Mouse Orchestra takes you on a journey right back in to the roaring 20s. Dressed in knickerbocker pants and flat caps of that era they are playing on instruments as old as the songs themselves.    read more...

Gabriela la Foley

The wonderful Gabriela is a familiar face at the Czech Ukulele Festival where she has amazed with the most astounding open mic sessions. It is a pleasure to get this wonderfual joy filled person back and on the program.
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Five ladies from Únětice who fell in love with the ukulele during the first Czech festivals and started to form a band. Their repertoir is gradually growing this year we expect fireworks.

Czech Republic


Opera-lele is a crossover act specialising in singing music from opera and musical theatre accompanied by the emotionally powerful yet understated twang of the ukulele.    read more...

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ZŠ Járy Cimrmana

A group of children from the Jára Cimrman's primary school in the neighbouring village of Lysolaje, led by their teacher Jarka Tomajková. Getting these kids to open the show is for us organisers the joy and the main reason for creating this festival, let's see their progress and what they will be playing in 10 years time.
Czech Republic

Ecce Uku

An informal group of amateur ukulelists from Prague and vicinity who meet time to time and strum to please others and for their own delight.

Czech Republic

Sam Brown & Vagabond Dandies

Sam Brown is the daughter of the legendary Joe Brown. She has played ukulele with many stars of the modern world and had pop hits in the 1980s. A ukulele adherent, she appears at our festival for the first time with her band The Vagabond Dandies.    read more...

Mersey Belles

The Mersey Belles are cousins Nancy and Pearl who take you on a trip down memory lane infusing the ukulele with fabulous renditions of all the old classics from the 20's right up to the 50's, while making songs from the 21st century sound even better than they do on the wireless radio!
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Gerald Ross

We are very pleased to have been able to invite Gerald to our festival for the first time. A true master of the instrument in every style of play, we will learn a lot from this man, even Jazz.    read more...

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Zoë Bestel

Ethereal vocals, poignant melodies and stirring lyrics describes award winning nu-folk singer/songwriter and musician, Zoë Bestel, hailed as one of the UK´s most exciting emerging talents. Welcome to the festival.    read more...

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A new Czech ukeformation centered around Marcela Brožová, established thanks to the previous Czech ukulele festivals, the girls met the at last year´s festival and said „Why not?“ Enjoy their songs from many genres, from jazz to latin to pop, arranged for four voices and four ukuleles + U-bass. This is going to be their first public performance. Welcome to the festival, Ukeberries!

Czech Republic

Peter Moss

Peter has been playing the uke since his 8th birthday, and performs all over the world including Australia, welcome to the festival.    read more...

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Our good friend Ukulelezaza is the mentor of these three young talents from Finland, this will be their first international appearance so we have to give them a big welcome.    read more...