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Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel

Due to circumstances outside of our control, it is with regret that Craig and Sarah will not be able to perform at this year´s festival.

However Aldrine Guerrero has agreed to step in and he will be taking the stage in their place, so I do not think that anyone will be dissapointed.

If you have booked any of Craig or Sarah´s workshops, please follow these steps:

  1. Have a look at the Workshops page. New workshops are ready for you, so make your choice (Aldrine, Zaza&Uff, Ukulollo).
  2. Write a message to info@goout.cz and ask them to cancel your tickets. State the first and last name (the same you booked on) and the numbers of tickets you want to cancel. You will get your money back.
  3. Order new workshop tickets the standard way.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange tickets from one workshop to another. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

See you in July

Ben and Terka

Welcome to the 5th Czech Ukulele Festival

Our aim: „ A Ukulele for every home“ ™ PPNOU

28.07. – 30.07.2017

The biggest, the best and most diverse ukulele festival on mainland Europe will once more present a fascinating mixture of music, fun, sun and ukulele craziness over an action packed 3 days.

As the ukulele is the universal peacemaker, the slogan for the festival is „A ukulele for every home“, which has been borrowed from our Polish friends. It is a well know fact that if everyone was given a ukulele at the moment of birth, there would be no more war.


Friday 28.07. – Trip to Poděbrady

The festival will continue its tradition of being the only mobile ukulele festival in the world, including a train trip to a lovely destination. This year we will be going to the colonades of the spa town of Poděbrady and will showcase a selection of short performances, play-alongs and workshops which will be free to attend. We will assemble on Prague main station before embarking on the train to Poděbrady and feel free to select songs from the festival song book to play on the train and at the station. There will be festival buses available to take everyone back to Prague after the day´s activities.

Saturday and Sunday 29. – 30.07. – Únětice u Prahy

As always, the main days of the festival will take place in Únětice u Prahy with the centre of events being the brewery buildings. There will be two soundstages to allow for the greatest range of music with the most fluid change over. The music will range from the Hawaiian classics of Aldrine Guerrero and Kimo Hussey, rhythm´n´blues from Dead Man´s Uke and PPNOU will create the biggest workshop in the world. The Saturday concerts will be opened by a children´s ukulele orchestra made up from local school groups and the Sunday concerts will be opened by a women´s ukulele group from Únětice both of which started as a direct result of the festival.

As always there will be a great variety of workshops and performances, with performers and members of the audience arriving from all corners of the world to attend this unique event. Not only that, but there will be great beer, tasty food including a wonderful vegetarian restaurant, markets stall for ukulele and other items and a fantastic raffle.

If you are new to the festival, you will be surprised by the openness where performers and audience mix to create a unique atmosphere. The first thing that you notice will be that everyone is smiling, very soon you will have the same „ukulele“ smile which will stay with you for at least a week.

So come along to the festival, come to see, come to listen, come to enjoy, come to play, come to try, come to learn, come to dance, come to eat and drink and be merry, … so come.